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Hilary Jacobson has been advising and supporting mothers with extreme breastfeeding problems for over twenty years. She is a Holistic Breastfeeding Consultant (CHHUSI) and the author of Mother Food and Healing Breastfeeding Grief. Hilary specializes in therapies for the emotional wounds and burnout that mothers often go through. Sessions are …


Colic Survey – What helped your baby?


Please take a moment to fill out this survey. I am writing a book on colic, looking at how women in different parts of the world deal with colic, and also at modern studies that explore various causes and solutions. Your responses and personal accounts will be very helpful to me.

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I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing your book Mother Food. I am one of the mothers you discuss in your book with IGT, better known as Insufficient Glandular Tissue. I was not able to produce any milk for my first baby, for my second I maxed out on 13 ounces a day and with my third child I made a full supply but I was barely cutting it. Your book was recommended to me in an online community. I started reading your blog posts and decided to buy your book. It was the best decision I have ever made! My supply started dipping when my daughter turned 4 months, and I could barely pump enough to send to daycare without pumping around the clock. I read through your book in two days I so desperately needed this information! I started slowly implementing your suggestions one by one and in the first day I was able to make 1 oz more than usual. I then made additional changes to my diet and changed my herbs a bit and made some of the recipes that you have in the book. In 1.5 weeks I am pumping 8 oz more! Also my daughter is very content at the breast and more relaxed! I also took a look at the composition of my breast milk pre-diet changes and post and my milk contains way more fat than before! The best part is, I’m able to produce enough milk for both my daughter and to give to my 2 year old son who has life threatening food allergies. As a result of his severe food restriction he has suffered growth challenges and has lost alot of weight. By using your techniques I can now give him a few ounces of my milk and I am eternally greatful.
The information in your book have been life changing for us. Thank you so much for your dedication to the subject! Sincerely,
Deena Cannistraci

I am big fan! Your book, Mother Food, was a huge help to me when I had milk supply issues after giving birth and experiencing post-partum depression.
I had a very stressful pregnancy and had several other risk factors for post-partum depression. I also did not have a very strong support system before and after the baby arrived which compounded the situation. After my baby arrived, my milk was slow to come in and once it did, my supply would go up, then down, and all over the place. My husband also filed for divorce when the baby was 9 months old, so needlessly to say, I had a lot of life stress going on during the time I chose to breastfeed. However, I sincerely believe that breastfeeding kept me grounded and sane and allowed me to ride the waves of life during such a vulnerable and delicate time in a woman’s life. Breastfeeding allowed me to stay connected with my son who I am sure felt a lot of my stress. It is a way of comforting that is hard to describe, it’s almost magical. I could not have maintained my supply if I was not introduced to the lactogenic diet as you describe by my lactation consultant. Being a pharmacist, I appreciate all of the research you have done over the years and fully understand the hormonal mechanisms of lactogenic foods. I am also a living testimony that the lactogenic diet works! I was able to breastfeed my son for over 14 months until he self-weaned naturally. I am inspired by your ongoing effort to educate breastfeeding mothers and so grateful to have discovered your work and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Manisha Singh

This book saved my milk supply. I was not giving up, but my supply was, until my lactation consultant recommended this book. Thank you to the author and my consultant!
(P.S. I’m breastfeeding exclusively for my twin boys now thanks to this book.) — A. Miller (amazon review)

A mothers companion. So much information presented in this book that I have never found anywhere else. I love natural food fixes for health issues. So many times we are told to run to medicine. I love the healing power of good food. This is a great resource for any nursing mother… whether you have issues breastfeeding or not. I look at this book now even after finishing my nursing season. Wish I would have found this book earlier than I did. It would have been really helpful with my previous babies. Great not only for nursing mothers but for midwives, doulas and doctors as well!! -Jessie Y. (Amazon review)

Nothing worked for me with my first son to increase milk supply. At week two with my second son I was having low milk supply yet again… I have tried every supplement including prescriptions from the doc… nothing increased my milk. I stumbled upon this book and made several diet changes and began supplementing with oils as suggested in the book… I now I have enough milk for my son! We haven’t used supplement for the past 5 weeks and he is gaining weight quite well.

I am so thankful I found this book.., I even shared it with the LCs at my local breastfeeding group as well as many other moms. – Lynn M. (Amazon review)

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Colic Survey – What helped your baby?

  Please take a moment to fill out this survey. I am writing a book on colic, looking at how women in different parts of the world deal with colic, and also at modern studies that explore various causes and solutions. Your responses and personal accounts will be very helpful …

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