Photo on 3-4-14 at 3.17 PM 2 - Version 3content_2003273_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILHilary Jacobson is the author of Mother Food: A breastfeeding diet guide with lactogenic foods and herbs. She is a holistic breastfeeding consultant (CH.HU.SI.), a specialist in the role of nutrition and herbs in lactation, and an ACHE-certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in women’s health, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.

Jacobson’s second book, Healing Breastfeeding Grief, will be available in 2015.

Mission Statement: For thousands of years,¬†mothers have known which foods and herbs are beneficial following birth. They have known about safe ways to detox the mother, and to promote a baby’s digestion and avoid colic and reflux. This knowledge, forgotten in the West, is extremely important, helpful and preventative for many of the problems that mothers and babies face today. Jacobson’s goal is to educate and support parents and their healthcare providers in understanding and implementing this information.

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About Hilary: “I was born in Southern California. I moved to Europe to study music when I was nineteen. For thirty years I lived in Switzerland where I taught music and raised my children. While experiencing low milk supply with each of my babies, and seeing first-hand how I could reverse my problems with foods and herbs, I dedicated myself to researching, publishing and teaching this crucial information. In 2000, I became a certified Swiss holistic lactation consultant (CH.HU.SI) with special studies in herbs and nutrition, and in 2005, I¬† co-founded the online resource, Presently, I am working on complimentary books to Mother Food and offering one-on-one consultations for mothers.

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