Low milk supply happens. Mothers around the world know this. That’s why they eat food and herbs that increase breastfeeding hormones and support lactation. Alarmingly, our medical authorities continue to say there is no evidence for this effect, though reams of research on dairy cattle prove the impact of diverse feeds on cows’ milk production.

Actually, we do have quite a bit of research on women. Most of it was done before WWII in Europe, a time when the use of herbs after childbirth to help mothers improve their milk production was of great interest. Some research has been done in third-world countries and in China. All of this is not taken into consideration by our medical boards.

I sometimes wonder who decided, one day, mid-1900s, probably in the USA, that low milk supply does not really exist (well, hardly exists, or is so rare as to not matter), so that research on herbal and dietary “galactagogues” was dismissed as unnecessary. I would like to have a conversation with that person or persons, and tell them how much grief and hardship resulted from their assumption.

In any case, my book Mother Food is based on research, on world traditions, and on many years of feedback from mothers. This book is a labor of love, an effort to return to mothers that which we never should have lost.

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