In indigenous societies, mothers’ food choices support their recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, help build their milk supply, and prevent and reduce fussiness and colic in their baby.

These insights are the centerpiece of Mother Food, the book that changed how we see the role of diet in breastfeeding support. The information in Mother Food has spread around the world and helped hundreds of thousands of mothers build their milk supply and reclaim their health and confidence.

A message from Hilary:

Every day, my Free Lactogenic Diet Handout is downloaded by mothers and healthcare providers. It is given to mothers in birth clinics and serves the basis for mothers’ cooking classes. Although I will be asking for your email address in exchange for the handout, I do not send out many emails, only for the occasional update or book sale.

Please consider ordering my book  Mother Food on for more information that is important to a mother and baby. If you are a healthcare provider and would like to order a bulk number of books at a reduced rate, contact me.

As you peruse through this website, I greatly appreciate if you could take the survey on colic. Every response helps – truly.

This year, 2018, I am completing a book on infant fussiness, colic and reflux. It expands on the chapter on colic in Mother Food, and it references current research and describes mothers’ personal experiences. The book is a how-to, and looks at how mothers actually are being proactive in preventing colic or preventing the progression to full blown colic. I am very excited to finish this book!

Writing takes immense time. If you have looked into my work, you know that my writing has a far reach and helps thousands of mothers – perhaps also you, or your clients. You might also know that authors no longer make much income, because fewer people read books. Please consider making a donation that helps me continue this work. Thank you!

I also want to mention my work in therapy. There’s really no way to put in a nutshell what I do, but my two great loves are working with mothers in the grip of birth trauma or breastfeeding grief – usually 3 sessions needed – and with caregivers and healthcare providers dealing with their burnout. Check out the page on Therapy, watch my client’s video, and feel free to contact me using the phone number at the top of this website.


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