Hilary Jacobson with my Parrot whispering words of wisdom in my ear
I am Hilary Jacobson, the author of Mother Food: A breastfeeding diet guide with lactogenic foods and herbs, a book that explains in easy language how mothers can use diet after childbirth to support their milk supply, avoid infant colic, improve their mood, their immune system, and energy.

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I am also a hypnotherapist. I help mothers move through trauma and grief. I help them re-discover their primal mothering love, with more calm, confidence and groundedness (see testimonial on this page).
I am also certified in areas of hypnotherapy that allow me to work with medical issues and pain management, emotional issues and mindfulness.
I frequently combine lactogenic diet consultations with hypnotherapy sessions. Check out my website Healing Way Hypnosis.
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If you’d like you can listen to Lori J Isenstadt IBCLC interview me about my life and work. She’s very good!