Mother Food – A Breastfeeding Diet Guide


I am Hilary Jacobson, the author of Mother Food: A breastfeeding diet guide with lactogenic foods and herbs and Healing Breastfeeding Grief.

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I lived in Switzerland 30 years, where I was certified as a holistic breastfeeding consultant (CH.HU.SI.) with special education in the role of nutrition and herbs in lactation. I devoted many years to the research, writing and publication of the book Mother Food, which tells in easy language how mothers can use diet after childbirth to support their milk supply, to reduce or avoid infant colic, and to improve their mood, their immune system, and energy.
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I am also an ACHE-certified clinical hypnotherapist with a focus on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. My hypnotherapy practice serves  women with postpartum depression, birth trauma and breastfeeding grief. Visit me at and listen to an introduction to Mindfulness for Mothers.