Mother Food – A Breastfeeding Diet Guide

Lactogenic Food and Herbs with Hilary Jacobson

Free Kindle Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Happy Valentines Day! I am excited to share with you my books Mother Food and  Healing Breastfeeding Grief as a free kindle giveaway on February 14 and 15. Head over to and download them to your kindle or computer. Please…
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Hypnotherapy and the Challenges of New Motherhood

Hilary Jacobson, CHT, offers individualized hypnotherapy sessions to mothers. She can be reached at Hypnotherapy has great potential in helping new mothers. When women become mothers, we are born into our new mom-identity along with the birth of our baby….
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The History of Beer as a Galactagogue

Starting in Sumer The beer used by breastfeeding mothers historically to increase milk supply is different from the beer we drink today, though some modern beers are similar. The ancient civilizations of Sumer and Egypt discovered the secrets of malting…
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Best Beer for Breastfeeding

Best Beer for Breastfeeding – Click “Here” to Download Handout Can beer promote breastfeeding? If so, which kind is best? Is it good to use beer soon after birth or in the early weeks? I’ve put together a handout of…
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About Malt …

Barley Malt as a Galactagogue, from Stone Age Times to the Present Day The subject of this post is barley malt — an ancient galactagogue. Before there was bread or beer, there was barley, a hardy, nutritious grain that grew in all…
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