Hilary Jacobson – Author, Holistic Breastfeeding Consultant and Nutritional Coach, CCHt

Hilary Jacobson is a mother of four who experienced low milk supply while living in Switzerland. Her research into the role of foods and herbs for milk supply allowed her a rare glimpse into world dietary traditions and history. It’s all condensed in her book Mother Food, written with love, to help mothers who, like herself, struggle to produce enough milk. This classic book was controversial at its publication, but today it is beloved and utilized by IBCLCs, doulas, nutritionists, dietitians and many, many mothers.

Jacobson is a Swiss certified Holistic Breastfeeding Consultant, she is the co-founder of MOBI Motherhood (the first online support group for mothers with extreme breastfeeding problems), and she pioneers emotional coaching and hypnotherapy for mothers who feel emotionally devastated by their breastfeeding struggles. For this service, visit her website Healing Way Hypnosis and read her book Healing Breastfeeding Grief.

Hilary meets mothers one-on-one in person, over Skype or phone. She offers individualized suggestions for dietary support for milk production. When needed, she offers both dietary information and counseling.

Remember: Mother Food: a breastfeeding diet guide with lactogenic foods and herbs provides information on how what we eat can affect milk supply, colic and allergy, the immune system, and even our mental health. Be sure to download a free handout on the lactogenic diet, and join the email list to receive updates.