Breastfeeding Consultant, Therapist, Author, “Attachment-Parroting” Specialist

Hilary Jacobson has been advising and supporting mothers with extreme breastfeeding problems for over twenty years. She is a Holistic Breastfeeding Consultant (CHHUSI) and the author of Mother Food and Healing Breastfeeding Grief.

Hilary specializes in therapies for the emotional wounds and burnout that mothers often go through. Sessions are in person, online or phone. Call (541) 708-3564.

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Hilary continues to write. Presently, her focus is on infant colic. Take this survey on colic to help Hilary with this work. Thank you!

Books by Hilary Jacobson:

Mother Food: a breastfeeding diet guide with lactogenic foods and herbs was controversial at its initial publication in 2004, but today is beloved and utilized by IB

CLCs, doulas, nutritionists, dietitians and many, many mothers.

Healing Breastfeeding Grief  starts mothers on their journey of healing.  As one reviewer puts it, “The healing begins on the very first page.”


Writing requires immense time and dedication. In today’s world, far fewer people buy books than a decade ago. Yet, a book is still the best was to gather a body of information together in the most meaningful way. As I continue my research and writing, I hope to reach many more thousands of mothers and healthcare providers with paradigm changing information. I appreciate all donations. Thank you!