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Hypnotherapy and the Challenges of New Motherhood

Hilary Jacobson, CHT, offers individualized hypnotherapy sessions to mothers. She can be reached at

Hypnotherapy has great potential in helping new mothers.

When women become mothers, we are born into our new mom-identity along with the birth of our baby.

This is supposed to be a beautiful and fulfilling experience, a kind of initiation into greater maturity as we discover our expanded capacity for love.

We have new emotions, new thoughts, new insights and realizations. But we also have new vulnerability, anxiety and priorities that take can hold of us.

Pitfalls for Postpartum Depression

However, statistically, more women today go through depression in the first year after childbirth — called “postpartum depression” (PPD) — than in decades past.

Contributing to PPD is the rising number of prematurely born babies and unplanned C-Section births.

As well, mothers who plan to breastfeed but who encounter challenges are more prone to postpartum depression.

A baby’s colic, GERD-reflux and food allergies can also make the first few months to a year very challenging.

When a new mother loses confidence in herself, feelings of failure, guilt, regret and anxiety can begin to dominate her mind and heart. She can find herself on the path toward depression.

These problems are well-known by doulas, midwives, OB-GYNs and pediatricians, yet there is very little concrete support for mothers, beyond antidepressants.

Hypnotherapy can truly help mothers after childbirth. Through guided trance, we can move through these dark places and into renewed joy and confidence.

Healing Way Hypnosis offers hope to mothers experiencing Postpartum Depression, experiencing the repercussions of Birth Trauma and/or the emotions of Breastfeeding Grief.

For these protocols, 3 -6 sessions are required. The usual fees apply. A sliding scale is also available to mothers after childbirth. For more information, ask us.

We wish you and all mothers and new families all the very best.

Believe in your capacity for love — it is what our children need most of all.

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