“Hilary is a gifted woman. I would recommend her to anyone. I was skeptical at first, really not believing there was anything that could help me with my pain at losing a child. Well, during (what I thought was) a very casual conversation, I was being coached and hypnotized waaaay before I even knew what was happening. By the time I understood that I was in another zone, I was already dropping emotional baggage like anvils — as problems I had been struggling with seemed to just slip away. That was 5 months ago and I can’t thank you enough Hilary. I have never looked back and my life and productivity are better and happier each day. Thank you thank thank you. You are a gift!” Mary, mother of two beautiful boys

“She enabled me to regain a part of myself I thought was gone, something I had given up on altogether. With this renewal, my character has been strengthened and I have since been able to encounter old, pervasive problems with a whole new understanding, unusual patience and success.” – C.H., a mother, after the birth of her second child

“My sister is a client of yours. With her permission and encouragement, I am writing to let you know that I have noticed a phenomenal difference in her over the past several months. She is more and more becoming the woman I have always known was there under the veil of past trauma and severe self-criticism. I notice it in small things she says; ways she speaks about life, about herself, about our parents. In a nutshell, she feels more clear and self-confident–and like she knows she is deserving of that. This is the first time in my life that I have witnessed her this way. Thank you thank you thank you for the gift you have given my sister.” M.G. sister of a mother of three