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A Mothers Garden of Galactagogues is available on amazon and wherever books are sold.



Sow thistle – a multi-purpose “weed” that is a galactagogue

Would you believe that the ugly sow thistle, that insufferable weed that overruns gardens and fields, is used as food around the Mediterranean, and is also used by nursing mothers to support their milk supply?   Sow Thistle - a New Super Food for Moms While...

Amaranth: Whole Plant Resource for Milk Supply

  Amaranth as Food In traditional societies, the roots, stalks, leaves and seeds of amaranth are valued as medicine and food.  In the West, we are only familiar with its tiny seeds that are cooked like rice, or ground into flour for baking.  The seeds are an extremely...

A Poem for Gardening Mothers

Blue Borage Time Your furry leaves and blue starflowers Summon bees at all the hours, Throughout spring and throughout summer, Summon all the honey mummers.   How their nimble legs alight Upon your blossoms’ azure shade, They stop and nip your sticky dew, Then fly...

Galactagogue Garden 2 – Buying Starters

Join my little shopping spree for lactogenic plant starters at the very start of spring.



Some mothers are not able to shake off feelings of loss, guilt, failure, sadness, and similar feelings when breastfeeding does not go as hoped.

Some feel as though they are caught in a deep state of grief.

In 2013, I was certified in Mindfulness-based Hypnotherapy. It offers a set of tools that can help mothers recover their confidence and joy – quickly and lastingly.

This book takes the reader through the essential steps of this healing process.




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Invitation to Group Sessions

Join our Intimate Group Sessions - Heal those festering feelings It can take months or years to heal from breastfeeding grief - the trauma from our nursing struggles. Some mothers never heal. I've worked with mothers whose children are 3 - 6 years old, and whose...

A Poem about Healing from Breastfeeding Grief

Love and Nourishment are One I still need to hold you near and feel your dear mouth close about that tender part of me where no milk flows. This sacred thing that should have been, this rite of every mother, will not now, nor ever be a bond, one to the other. Yet...

Whether One-on-One Sessions are needed to help you overcome Breastfeeding Grief and Trauma

Hello! I am Hilary Jacobson, CCHT, the owner of this site. I've been helping mothers with breastfeeding grief and birth trauma since 2013. My book Healing Breastfeeding Grief is used by mothers and healthcare providers around the world. I want to help you understand...

The Healing Journey

When mothers are overcome by birth trauma or breastfeeding struggles and grief, we need help and understanding — but finding the right person to listen ,is not always possible. My book, Healing Breastfeeding Grief, was written with this in mind: to guide mothers...



While writing Mother Food, I realized I had to include the entire range of information as to how diet influences milk supply, digestion, energy, immune system, and also influences our baby’s development.

I couldn’t imagine offering mothers less than what we actually need to know–and everything I would have wanted to know as a new mother.

Obviously, today, were I to create a new edition (I might), a lot of new information would be added.

Still, even these many years later, Mother Food continues to be a rare resource and valued reference book. It continues to be recommended by lactation consultants and used by mothers to improve multiple parts of their health and mothering experience.





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Food Molecules pass from Mom to Baby: one cause of Infant Colic and Infant Allergy

.Nursing mothers often ask if the food they eat might be triggering their baby's fussiness, digestive discomfort, and allergies. The answer is a cautious yes - quite possibly. We know that during pregnancy, large molecules from food can pass from a mother's intestine...

Calcium – its role for lactation

   Apricots — one of our strongest lactogenic fruit, and especially rich in calcium. Calcium and magnesium work together to maintain healthy nerves, strong muscles, and a rhythmic heartbeat. In the brain, they promote neural activity and act as a natural...

The History of Beer as a Galactagogue

To my readers - I apologize that I have not found the time to polish this article since updating the website.   Starting in Sumer   The beer used by breastfeeding mothers historically to increase milk supply is different from the beer we drink today, though...