A Wake for the Planet, with Calm and Compassion

by | Jun 21, 2021

At the start of summer, 2021, the country opens up and we again are in a crises: a level of heat and drought not seen before.

In the next 3 – 4 months, we will see more devastating fires, rolling electrical brownouts, loss of agricultural production and injury to animal and human life.

As we take off our masks and interact with one another again, our immune systems are more vulnerable to disease. At the time of this writing, hospitals are crowded with severe cases of upper respiratory disease usually seen in winter. We do not know what is on the horizon as far as corona variations, new waves, etc.

I am feeling our shared uncertainty and dread and I would like to do something to help. I am thinking about a new class to assist both you all and me in creating a space to touch in with our innate strengths, our calm core, the place where we can feel our pain but also where compassion lies.

Thinking about it, the name came to mind: “A Wake for the Planet,” – in the sense of a space in which we can give ourselves permission to grieve.

Bringing softness to ourselves, feeling the sustaining forces within,  creating space to process what we are experiencing, can help us carry ourselves and also our loved-ones through this time: that is my hope for this class.






DATES: Mondays 


Each class is 60 – 90 minutes.

PLACE: Hilary’s Zoom

PRICE: A voluntary contribution, suggested rates: $10; 20; 30;  

Number of places: 10

The classes are NOT recorded – these are confidential discussions.