Fees for Courses, Lectures, and Services



Hypnotherapy is $150 a session. (For more information, go here.) 


If you are a hospital or clinic, your accustomed fee.

If you are a small community of postpartum caregivers, a symbolic gesture is fine.

If you are a breastfeeding activist group or peer support group, please ask, we’ll make it work.

My goal is to reach as many mothers and caregivers as possible in the next two years, so please book my time.

Trauma Course

For the trauma course (go here for information), $300 is for three sessions of 90 minutes in a small group. The early bird price offers a reduction. I accept donations that go toward scholarships.

Mindfulness Meet-Up

Each week, I give a free class to postpartum caregivers in need of some uplifting and calm integrative meditation. 

For caregivers in the USA, the time is Wednesday evenings, 6 pm PST. Email me for the zoom link: motherfoodinfo@gmail.com

For caregivers in Europe and the UK, the times is Wednesday, 11 am PST. This is 7, 8, and 9 pm across Europe. Email me for the zoom link: motherfoodinfo@gmail.com