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Scroll down the page, and click on the links to the Lactogenic Diet Handouts:

English and Spanish, and in Color or Black&White.


These handouts are for your own use and to share with others, to use in private practice, medical offices, clinics and hospitals, mothers’ peer groups.


Lactogenic Diet Handout: ENGLISH and Color

Milk Ejection, Milk Flow Handout


Breastfeeding Friendly Covid Supplements

This handout is a brief overview of the supplements recommended by doctors for immune resiliency, early treatment, to reduce the severity of disease, and for post-illness, with a view to their safety for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

FLCCC Prevention and Early Treatment

A group of frontline doctors who began treating patients at the first sign of disease already in March of 2020, have identified simple tools and medications that are used around the world by thousands of doctors. FLCCC.com

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