My name is Hilary Jacobson. For twenty-five years, after overcoming my own breastfeeding and health problems, the well-being of mothers and babies has been my focus. This is a precious time that never comes back, we do not get a re-do. Knowing how to respond well and quickly to the problems that arise lets this time be the best it can be.

In most cases, the health challenges that arise can be solved with dietary changes and holistic treatments. This is the subject of my book Mother Food.

As you read through the blog posts on this website, you may notice that I address milk supply problems, infant colic, allergy, and chronic health and immune issues in the family.

If you are considering working with me, please know that I work one-on-one with mothers. I help mothers make dietary changes that support her own health and her milk supply, while also protecting her baby from digestive upset and immune flares. The goal is to bring the mother, baby, and the entire family up to a new level of health.

If a mother is dealing with a serious health problem (such as toxic mold or struggling with a chronic inflammatory condition) I prefer that the mother simultaneously consults with an MD trained in functional medicine.

As well, I utilize mindfulness-based hypnotherapy and talk therapy to assist mothers in moving through the emotional trauma and turmoil that often accompanies birth, breastfeeding, and infant care.

I am a certified holistic lactation consultant (CH.HU.SI.) and my training was in the Swiss school of Holistic Lactation, in Rapperswil, under the guidance of Christiane Husi-Simoniis. CH.HU.SI.

In 2013, I certified as a mindfulness-based hypnotherapist for trauma and medical support at the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy.

My book Healing Breastfeeding Grief walks a mother through emotional healing.

Books by Hilary Jacobson:

Mother Food: a breastfeeding diet guide with lactogenic foods and herbs is beloved by IBCLCs, doulas, nutritionists, dietitians, and mothers.

Healing Breastfeeding Grief starts mothers on a journey of emotional healing when breastfeeding doesn’t work out.  As one reviewer puts it, “The healing begins on the very first page.”