My Specialties –

these skills combine gracefully and enhance one another.

Maternal Nutrition

I meet you where you are in your eating style, and help tweak your diet toward your desired outcome while building new habits and recipes.

Herbal Remedies

Starting with the herbs, spices and condiments you like to use, we look for herbs that help you meet your health goals and your breastfeeding goals, 

Mindful Healing

Consciousness itself has some kind of healing quality, as studies show a connection between mindfulness and visualizations on the healing of many diseases.


Hypnotherapy is a bridge between the conscious mind and the deeper mind that holds both unconscious resistance and the potential for transformation and success. 

Relaxation Training

Everyone should know one or more relaxation processes to transition out of stress and into deep muscular and mental calm. This training is foundational to mindfulness and self-hypnosis.


Small online groups for those sincerely interested in learning how to cultivate inner peace and alive stillness.

Small groups for parents during a Covid-Lockdown. 


Most people do not know how to breathe easily and deeply. The posture is cramped and breathing is tight. It takes only a few minutes to incorporate this beautiful training into our sessions.

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