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Hypnotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Deep Non-Judgmental Listening

Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding –

PMS, Menopause, Empty Nest

The beauty of motherhood can be marred by difficult experiences that leave emotional scars… we can change that.

Hypnotherapy is helpful if you are…

Trying to conceive, if you are preparing for childbirth, or, if there were problems during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding that still weigh on the mother’s mind and heart as a kind of trauma.

If you are having feelings of loss and failure with breastfeeding grief, or when your baby weans.

In preparation for the second child–building strength and confidence for the new arrival.

If you are experiencing breast aversion, or pain, dizziness or nausea while breastfeeding.

Hypnotherapy is helpful for miscarriage, stillbirth and child loss.

Premenstrual mood disorders, Menopause, Empty Nest.


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