The Lactogenic Foods and Herbs Handouts

This handout lists lactogenic herbs and foods and includes simple recipes in English and Spanish. They are free for mothers and their healthcare providers for personal use, or in any healthcare or educational setting such as a hospital, clinic, mothers group or class. 

You do not need to ask permission to use, but the copyright remains with MILLC, Hilary Jacobson.

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Lactogenic Diet Handouts with Lists and simple Recipes:

English COLOR

English b&w

Spanish COLOR

Spanish b&w

What you can do to Increase Milk Flow, Support the Milk Ejection Reflex (Let-Down)

Transitioning your Child to Solid Food, with respect to preventing food allergies and preserving intestinal integrity

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 Grow Lactogenic Foods and Herbs

Both indoors and outdoors, in large and small spaces, you can grow galactagogues and use them for milk production and best family health. 

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