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 MOTHER FOOD – Lactogenic foods and herbs that support milk supply,  and

       HEALING BREASTFEEDING GRIEF – healing the emotional wounds of breastfeeding challenges and loss


Mother FoodHealing Breastfeeding Grief

My Specializations


During pregnancy and while lactating, how we nourish ourselves impacts us and our babies in important ways such as the ease of lactation, a fussy or calm baby, our mental focus and emotional stability.

With adjustments to the diet, we can reduce the conditions that create milk supply problems (too-much, too-little, or unreliable), and also the conditions that contribute to a fussy, unhappy or colicky baby.

See my book Mother Food and A Mother’s Garden of Galactagogues for more information.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies start with the spices and condiments that we use to flavor our food: salt and pepper, mustard, oregano, basil, garlic, onions, ginger, and turmeric: all have strong medicinal effects that we can use.

Let’s begin by talking about the herbs, spices and condiments that you  presently have and use, and add in what is needed to bring balance and healing to your everyday meals: before and during pregnancy, from childbirth through lactation and to return of menstruation.

See my book Mother Food and A Mother’s Garden of Galactagogues for more information.



Mothers often feel beset by anxiety, emotional upset, and feelings of failure. Meditation can be a positive coping strategy as well as a tool for life.

I teach mindfulness in classes, together with relaxation techniques, and self-hypnosis.

One mindfulness practice is called  “Healing in the Shower,” as this is often the only time of the day that postpartum mothers have time for self-care and emotional healing. 

See my book Healing Breastfeeding Grief for guidance in Mindfulness.



The stress and the complex emotions of early motherhood can be overwhelming. With talk therapy in combination with hypnosis, mothers are on their way to recover their confidence and emotional resiliency. 

See my book Healing Breastfeeding Grief for emotional healing support, or contact me for one-on-one sessions.


 I love this work for mothers, babies and families. It’s fantastic and rewarding.


About Me

I am a certified Holistic Lactation Consultant (trained in Switzerland – CH.HU.SI.) and a certified hypnotherapist (ACHE) with a decades-long practice in mindfulness and meditation.

I have served family health for 20 years.

My books on natural healing for the physical and mental health of mothers during pregnancy, lactation and beyond are available on Amazon.

Mother Food & Healing Breastfeeding Grief

Professionally, I offer one-on-one and group sessions and lectures to mothers and healthcare providers. 

In my “spare” time, I write and garden. Next up to be published: A Mother’s Garden of Galactagogues: milk-boosting herbs and foods from around the world grown indoors and outdoors, through the four seasons… 

Ensure the Health of Future Generations

Without vitality, we cannot engage fully in life. Many people find that they lack energy, that their thinking is foggy, and that their mood is dull, or volatile.

Add to this the rising rates of anxiety, ADHD, autism, obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases among our children–not just in the US, but also in Europe, India, China, Australia, and around the world–and it is clear that humanity itself has a problem

The truth is that while an individual can improve their own health by improving their diet, habits, and attitudes, improving the health of humanity is now the true challenge.

It is no longer enough to work toward “ending world hunger,”  if the result is overweight populations eating commercially produced food, all heading toward obesity, diabetes and debilitation. We have to end true hunger – by offering true food.

This change will require continuous effort across several generations. We can begin with lifestyle changes now; our children and their children carry it on.

Get in touch with me to ask if I might be able to help you address your situation and concerns.  

How to connect with me…


Call or Text

(541) 708-3564

A free phone conversation will let both of us know if my service fits your goals.


Make an Appointment, Fill Out Documents

You will receive a link to the forms. 


The first Session

I will have prepared for this session based on our phone call and the documents.

We will take as much time as needed this first session – 45 – 90 minutes is typical. 


2nd and 3rd Sessions

Usually, 3 Sessions allows both of us time to work through the main issue and also surrounding issues. 

Therapy with Hilary has helped me be more secure in general. She also gave me dietary advice to support my milk supply. She reminded me of the important things, such as not only nurturing my baby with milk, but with a real connection. Additionally, she has been very flexible with the sessions. I do not have enough words to thank her.” - H.S., N.Y.

"I was angry. I was embarrassed. I felt inadequate. All I could do was cry. I would cry multiple times a day. I felt so out of control. I will never forget our first session together. It literally changed my outlook on life. And I haven’t cried since then. After several sessions, I continued to feel so much calmer and more grounded. And I am a much better mother for my son because of it." - A.V. Oregon

“When I read Hilary’s book Healing Breastfeeding Grief, I felt like someone was speaking my mind for the first time about the pain I suffered. When I did my first session with Hilary she got right to the root of the problem, and the pain significantly shifted. Hilary found a way to guide me into a deep and almost primal attachment again with my child, in a way that no other Doctor, midwife, therapist, or healer seemed to be able to understand." E.L. Oregon

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