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Book-in-Progress: Memories of Red Riding Hood

If you would like to volunteer to read my book-in-progress, to share your thoughts with me if you’d like, and to review it when it is published on amazon, please sign up below.

With the sign-up, you’ll get Part One of the book. I’ll email you with more information about the book as I go. Let me know when you are ready to read Part Two!

Judith Sanford, Cranio-Sacral therapist with extensive expertise with infants has reviewed “Memories”:
“If you like hidden teachings and still feel the dreamlike power of old stories chances are you will love this book. If you know that it is natural to grow in spirit and feel a call to embody those dimensions in your daily life and life calling, chances are even better that you’ll love this book. I’ve enjoyed every page of it. Hilary Jacobson’s contribution to the living tradition of Women’s Wisdom is worth the read.
“The Feminine essence is not found outside us. She awakens and is birthed anew from within us, strengthening our structure for stronger and stronger transmission out into the world. This root of our being longs to surge or seep into our inspiration, actions, choices, and companionship.
“These are living stories. They call us to rekindle the fiery healing warmth of the feminine – to be the living creation of our own authentic Self in the service of the holy gift of life.”

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