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If you are having problems with the letdown (milk ejection reflex) or if you find that your milk is slow to flow, download this handout, that combines some of the best advice I’ve tried and taught. I hope you find it helpful.

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Permissions: this Handout may be used by mothers and healthcare providers, lactation clinics, maternity wards, mother support groups, and educational environments.

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Get the whole story in the book Mother Food.


A Nutritional Guide for the Postpartum

How you eat each day can help build and support your milk supply, while improving your own and your baby's best health and wellbeing

Emotional Healing

For mothers struggling with breastfeeding challenges or who are mourning the loss of breastfeeding, this book helps you understand and work through the complex and sometimes overwhelming emotions you may be feeling.

 Grow Lactogenic Foods and Herbs

Both indoors and outdoors, in large and small spaces, you can grow galactagogues and use them for milk production and best family health.