Join our Intimate Group Sessions – Heal those festering feelings

It can take months or years to heal from breastfeeding grief – the trauma from our nursing struggles. Some mothers never heal.
I’ve worked with mothers whose children are 3 – 6 years old, and whose relationships to those children were strained: they always felt a sense of failure and remorse when interacting with their child.
We were able to release those feelings and “open the field” as it were to a renewed open-heartedness between mom and baby.
I’ve been raising the cost of one-on-one sessions over the years, because each session touches me so deeply and may take me a few hours to recover from.
So now I am offering small group sessions, for half the price of the one-on-one sessions, and here is why: I do focused work with each of the mothers in these sessions, but there is something in the group dynamic that supports me and leaves me with more energy and not less. The entire group is sharing and carrying each other’s load.
It’s been terrific, and I hope that if you are a mother going through breastfeeding grief, whether from recent or from experiences that are years behind you, I hope you’ll join us.
And of course, please share.

Being with others that understand the unique challenges of breastfeeding and all that comes with that is amazing. Then you add guidance and techniques to help the emotional impact, which allows space to begin to heal. Beautiful.

Ashleigh A.

It’s been a real pleasure and helpful experience. The small group was very intimate and allowed me to open up more than I thought I would have shared. The exercises have stuck with me and I try to implement them when I can. I have started reading your other books, they bring much comfort and hope without judgment and discouragement. 

Michelle M.