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Rest in my Arms – A Poem/Prayer for New Mothers

by | Dec 15, 2021 | breastfeeding, motherhood, poem, spirituality | 0 comments

Greetings my newborn,

My heart says hello.

You’ve come such a long way

To lie in my arms.

We’ve got such a long way,

Together, to go.

So rest in my arms

and take strength.


So many thoughts now

Pass through my mind.

The world is so hard,

And I’m frightened for you.

But now, I feel trust

And trust is our bond.

So rest in my arms

And be safe.


This brief time together

Quickens our hearts,

So that we can travel

Our long road ahead.

You drink from my breasts,

I drink from your eyes.

We rest in Life’s arms,

And take strength.


by Hilary Jacobson – 2000

“Rest in my Arms” was originally written as lyrics for a song that mothers sing to their newborns. 


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