Postpartum Digestive Aids for Mother and Baby

A mom’s indigestion and flatulence and her baby’s colic, gassiness, and cramping respond to similar remedies. Here are some supplements and herbs to help both you and your baby feel better.

While I describe these here separately, they do well used together: mom drinks dill seed tea, baby takes nux vomica 30X, mom massages baby’s belly with chamomile-infused oil and at the same time, mom corrects her diet.

As well, if mom has “gripe water” to hand, it can be massaged into the soles of a baby’s feet.

Dill Seed Tea for Mom

Your Baby gets the benefits of dill seed through your milk.

Dill Seed is a spice used to make pickles. It is also a strong medicinal that is known for its unique ability to break up the gas that collects in the gut, and to relieve bloating and flatulence.

Remarkably, when a mother drinks dill seed tea, its medicinal effect transfers via her milk to her baby and reduces baby’s gassiness.

A teaspoon of seeds is infused in just-boiled water (water that is boiled briefly, then allowed to stand for 30 seconds or so) for 3 – 5 minutes. Cover the container while infusing, so the volatile oils do not evaporate out.

A cup of dill seed tea is drunk between meals, or fifteen minutes before a meal.

Caution: dill seed tea boosts milk production and can speed milk flow, so do not use if you have over-supply.

Homeopathy for Baby

Homeopathy: Nux Vomica 30X

For severe colicky cramps that are clearly triggered or re-triggered by mom’ diet, nux vomica 30X.

Homeopathy for infants is of course best prescribed by a homeopathic doctor.

This remedy was prescribed for my infant by my Anthroposophic pediatrician in Switzerland and it worked very well for a baby who has been re-triggered by mom’s diet.

The instructions below are from this website:

For babies give one pilules (these are tiny white pills) under the tongue, you can also dissolve 2 pilules in a small amount of water and syringe some of this into the baby’s mouth.

Give according to the urgency of the complaint i.e. every 15-30 minutes if in symptoms are severe, less often (every 1-2 hours) if symptoms are less severe.

Stop on improvement or deterioration of the condition. This is important; a homeopathic medicine works as a trigger, stimulating the body to heal itself.

Repeat the remedy if the symptoms have gotten better then return.

Choose a different remedy if you have given about 6 doses and had no reaction or if the symptoms change. 

Chamomile for Mom, as a wipe for baby’s bottom, and massage oil for baby’s belly

Loose chamomile flowers:

A mild infusion helps mom nap and sleep, helps relieve a mother’s stomach cramps.

How to make the infusion

A teaspoon of flowers is infused in just-boiled water (water that is boiled briefly, then allowed to stand for 30 seconds or so) for 3 – 5 minutes. Cover the container while infusing, so the volatile oils do not evaporate out.

This infusion can also be used as a wipe to clean baby’s bottom, and to disinfect and heal diaper rash.

Infused into olive oil, chamomile can be used to massage a colicky baby’s belly.

How to make Chamomile-infused oil

Fill a 4 oz or 8 oz jar loosely with dried chamomile flowers.

Fill to the top with organic cold-pressed olive oil, stir together to release air bubbles. Cap tightly, place in sunny window for 2 weeks. Turn the bottle occasionally. Filter out the flowers and use the infused oil as below.

How to Massage for Colic

Rub a teaspoon of chamomile infused oil between your hands to warm your hands. Gently and slowly stroke the outer parts of baby’s abdomen in a circular motion: up baby’s right side of belly, then across top of abdomen, down baby’s left side and across again along the low side of abdomen. Repeat.

Caution: Only use chamomile infused oil if baby is truly experiencing cramps.

Calendula infusion for long term healing

Calendula flower infusion is for mother. It helps soothe an inflamed gut and heal the intestinal lining–and mom’s with colicky babies typically do have some degree of leaky and inflamed gut.

A calendula plus marshmallow root infusion is used to soothe and promote the healing of interstitial cystitis. The roots must be infused 15 minutes and the calendula flowers only 3 – 5 minutes.

Calendula’s healing magic is possible because of its amazing tissue-regenerating powers, as well as being antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral, and anticancer. 🙂

Two cups of gentle calendula infusion can be sipped throughout the day.

In turn, the infusion can be used to clean baby’s bottom, and to soothe and heal diaper rash. Calendula is anti-fungal and is particularly helpful in treating diaper thrush. While calendula salve can be easily made by infusing the flowers into coconut oil, Calendula cream is also commercially available.

Activated Charcoal – for Digestive Emergencies

Activated Charcoal is fantastic for emergencies, for the sudden onset of diarrhea, extreme nausea, the malaise of possible food-poisoning, and with “die-off” when treating fungal or bacterial infections.

Activated Charcoal acts like a mop in the digestive system. Its tiny holes capture and hold on to toxins and gas, usually bringing relief (20 – 30 minutes).

Activated charcoal must be taken with a lot of water as it may lead to constipation.

The two bottles in this order will last you a long time with occasional use.

Image by Natalia Koroshchenko from Pixabay