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Nothing worked for me with my first son to increase milk supply. At week two with my second son I was having low milk supply yet again… I have tried every supplement including prescriptions from the doc… nothing increased my milk. I stumbled upon this book and made several diet changes and began supplementing with oils as suggested in the book… I now I have enough milk for my son! We haven’t used supplement for the past 5 weeks and he is gaining weight quite well.

I am so thankful I found this book.., I even shared it with the LCs at my local breastfeeding group as well as many other moms

Lynn Bush


This was just the best book in terms of useful advice and tools that I have read since I became a doula. At my daughter’s birth in 2004 I faced first a difficult birth and then a difficult breastfeeding. I would really have appreciated if anyone could have helped me during these times and still now, after the healing experience of becoming a doula for mothers who are struggling, to read your book was so heart warming. I hope I will be able to learn from your book and help more mothers now. Thank you very much Hilary.

Laurence Landais


In a world that is so medicalized, it is difficult to find resources that are traditional and supportive of natural living. Breastfeeding is a God-given gifts to moms and it certainly isn’t always easy. I love that this author has offered more than one book to support moms on their journey of nourishing their babies at the breast or coping when, despite our best efforts, dreams are broken. This book is such a wonderful addition to her collection. She goes into great detail with background information to understand the how and why. It’s not even just about using earth-grown foods and herbs to strengthen milk production, but also the quality of the milk. The information is applicable regardless of whether you want to grown/forage your own herbs and food or if you want to source it ready for use. It can even be useful for other family health-related ailments and just the new motherhood season in general.


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