Aboard the Motherhood Train

As we grow up and become adults, we think we are arriving at a place where we are in control of our lives – like at a station or a platform where we can confidently gauge and react to what’s going on.

But then we have children, and slowly it downs on us that we are not actually on a predictable platform but that we have boarded a train, a train rumbling along of its own volition, coming to us from the foggiest beginnings of time and leading we know not where. And we become aware that whereas before we might have thought we were the pulling engine and the driver of our life, we are really just one car in a long sequence of cars – our grandparents’ car is close behind us, behind them all the previous generations, and before us is a line of uncountable cars of future generations. We don’t know where the train is heading, there’s no way to know. We only know it is our job to give the best we can now to our children – and to figure out what that is while meeting multiple hurdles and challenges. And that takes all our energy and then some.

We sometimes wonder how past generations ever managed, how humanity survived to today, considering how challenging and mysterious it all is.

This post is just my way of saying to new parents, and older parents, that the way may be hard and confusing, but one we know in our hearts of hearts, that it is worth it.