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 Mother Food: I experienced low milk supply with each of my four babies. As I researched the use of foods and herbs for lactation from medical traditions and systems from around the world, I found that I was able to build a full milk supply and nurse my babies exclusively for more than a year. With each baby I learned more, and one day I realized that I had developed a very specific skill set that needed to be shared with other mothers.

My book Mother Food explains the use of lactogenic foods and herbs (a phrase I coined in 2000), as well as the role of food choices for colic, the immune system, and for the various health problems that mothers and babies face in the early months after childbirth.

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This is the story of the exact moment I decided to write Mother Food, and how I went about it.

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Healing Breastfeeding Grief: For years I listened to mothers describe their feelings of loss, grief and failure – which I also felt with my first baby. I wished with all my heart that I could do more than commiserate, and that I could actually discover a way to help mothers heal from breastfeeding grief.

Where was the therapy that would help?

In 2013, I certified in mindfulness and clinical hypnotherapy. Funny thing: when I began the coursework, I had no idea what to expect. I was mostly curious. One day though, much as had happened with Mother Food, I realized that I had stumbled on a very specific skill set, and that I now knew how to transition mothers out of their negative feelings and trauma, and to help them re-connect with their positive feelings of joy and confidence.

I felt as though my prayers had been answered. I remember going home after the ten-week intensive in a kind of daze, knowing that my life had changed. I immediately began to work with clients. Soon I was seeing beautiful turn-arounds with every mother.

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In 2015, I decided to write up what I had learned. I was approaching 60 and didn’t know how long I would be available to give sessions. I wanted to crystalize my experiences so that other therapists could profit from them. I also wanted to write a book that itself could serve as therapy, and so I worked hard at word-crafting sentences that flow and resonate with compassion. As one reviewer says, “The healing starts on the very first page.”

Presently I reserve time for four sessions a week. A session typically goes 60 – 90 minutes. If you would like to have sessions with me, you can reach me at: 541 – 708 – 3564