Mother Food: I experienced low milk supply with each of my four babies. As I researched the use of foods and herbs for lactation from medical traditions and systems from around the world, I found that I was able to build a full milk supply and nurse my babies exclusively for more than a year. With each baby I learned more, and one day I realized that I had developed a very specific skill set that needed to be shared with other mothers.

My book Mother Food explains the use of lactogenic foods and herbs (a phrase I coined in 2000), as well as the role of food choices for colic, the immune system, and for the various health problems that mothers and babies face in the early months after childbirth.

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Healing Breastfeeding Grief: For years, I listened to heartbroken mothers describe their feelings of loss, grief, and failure when breastfeeding didn’t work out, or when it became a struggle to succeed. These are the same feelings that I had with my first baby. I wished with all my heart that I could do more for mothers than commiserate, and that I might discover a way to actually help mothers heal emotionally and feel positive about themselves and motherhood.

In 2013, I certified in mindfulness and clinical hypnotherapy. When I began the coursework, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve practiced meditation since my teens–that’s quite a while back–and it is second nature. I was curious to learn how hypnosis and meditation are different.

One day, much as happened with Mother Food, I realized that I had discovered a remarkable tool that enables me to help mothers transition into positive thoughts and emotions.

I remember returning home after the ten-week intensive certification course in a kind of daze: I knew that my life had changed. I began working with friends and clients and soon had the experience and confidence to consult mothers, and, if desired, to hypnotize a mother.

It is tremendously heartwarming for me when a mother who was grieving and traumatized leaves a session glowing and restored.

Click here for a professional review of Healing Breastfeeding Grief.

As a British reviewer says, “The healing starts on the very first page.”

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