Vegan Mom Infant Colic Survey

In eating a plant-based diet, it occurred to me that vegan parents can teach us a lot about the causes of colic. I and other holistically thinking lactation consultants are intrigued and want to know more. The result is this 9 – Question, anonymous survey.

We all know that a baby’s crying has many causes that have nothing to do with a reaction to their mother’s milk.

Still, many studies do show that eliminating a range of foods from the breastfeeding parent’s diet helps in many cases. Countless parents share that eliminating soy and corn and other foods stopped the colicky crying episodes completely. In spite of these reports, there are not enough actual studies to justify your doctor recommending changes in your diet.

Why the dearth of research? In the mid-20th century, many repeating studies confirmed a relationship between dairy in the mother’s diet and colic in her baby. For some reason, research stopped at that time. Although subsequent studies confirmed that a range of foods may be involved in colic, these studies were never tested on larger populations. The “truism” that dairy alone causes colic became a mainstay of pediatric wisdom.

The purpose of this survey is to understand the personal experiences of parents who look beyond dairy to resolve their baby’s colic. I and other holistically thinking lactation specialists believe that family allergies and health situations offer important context, and the questions here try to encompass this larger picture. Please feel free to leave a question unanswered, to share your personal stories, or to just check off answers.

Your identity is anonymous (unless, if you want, you put your contact info in your answers). By participating in this survey, you grant permission that the author may use your story for educational purposes, whether books, blogs, webinars and so on. Hopefully, your story will contribute to the push for more research and clarity in these questions.

Thank you for your participation!

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